The Story

Women conceive life and have long been associated with nature. Images of women representing Mother Earth and Mother Nature, appear repeatedly in various cultures.  The Gemtique collection theme is appreciation of the wonders of nature and the women’s innate desire to quest for beauty.

The natural scenery reveals different aspects of its beauty as the seasons change throughout the year. Just look around, every single leaf on a tree, every blade of grass and every petal of flower is a piece of outstanding art. All the boundless abundance of shapes and colours reveal the overwhelming strength of the Goddess. Fascinated by the awesome creative power of Mother Earth, Alice Trinh has imitated the inexhaustible wealth of natural graces by giving the nature an abstract re-invention to celebrate the diversity of nature.

Inspired by nature, insects, trees, birds and flowers are transformed into carefully crafted Gemtique ornaments, resplendent with precision-cut SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES, to capture the essence of nature with artistic elegance.


The Look

Cheerful and absolutely feminine, the Gemtique collection celebrates a joyous atmosphere, the outburst of laughter while combining sensual delight and natural beauty.

The Gemtique collection, a kaleidoscope of joyous gemstones and jewels, set in variants of 18-carat white, rose and yellow gold and, offered in iridescent and vivid coloured gemstones from SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES – the world’s leading producer of genuine precision-cut gemstones.  These adorable creations are gracefully combined with endless possibilities and are woven together with sparkling diamonds, rhodolite, blue topaz, citrine, peridot and amethyst in colourful clusters to create unique pieces: sensational necklaces, fanciful drop earrings, curvaceous rings and brooches, elegant pendants and bracelets.

Sensuous models are embellished by lavish motifs illuminating pure magic with their striking colour combinations and shine perfectly against the skin.  Each individual piece is a triumph of supreme style and elegance, which respects femininity and painstaking craftsmanship and dazzles the senses.

The Gemtique creations are on every woman’s dream list of desirable things to wear to create an irresistible image.

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