Alice Trinh

Creative Director

Aaron Shum Jewelry Group

Creative Director - Alice Trinh

Born in China and nurtured in French culture, Alice was exposed to multicultural experiences in early childhood and it cultivated her refined taste on the appreciation of art. Embracing both western and eastern heritage, Alice dedicates herself to portray the beauty of love and feminine tenderness by incorporating Oriental implicitness and French elegance with a touch of modern spirit. Alice’s love of her natural surroundings is apparent in her branded collections where she incorporates art and tasteful design in her art philosophy. The excitement of springtime and the dazzling colours that it brought has inspired her to create the spectacular La Posy , while Gemtique celebrates the diversity of nature. The shining stars in the night sky and the icy splendour has inspired her Flotilla and Icestrella collection. Gifted with immense emotion and imagination, Alice conveys the beauty of feminine grace in Princess Rose, Miky Pearls and Inogems collection. To accentuate the delicate elegance of modern women, Alice has expressed the beauty and desire of a princess in the worldwide patented Coronet Solitaire jewelry.


Every piece of jewelry has its story to tell and its dream to share.

– by Alice Trinh

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