The Story

For thousands of years, the natural attributes of gemstones with their glow and sparkle gave inspiration to numerous jewelers. With the spirit of untiring pursuit of innovation, generations of artisans devoted meticulous efforts to unleash the inner light and radiance of gemstones. Their quest for perfection and their love of shimmering gems are the story of Inogems origination.

Crafted in heartfelt reverence to the master gurus, each beautiful piece of Inogems collection reflects superior dedication, distinctive quality and impeccable precision-cut. Featuring by an innovative invisible setting design and cut of gemstones, the Inogems collection brings out the optimal brilliance and luster of the natural gemstones enhancing the simple yet contemporary style to dazzle the eye of the modern woman. Deeply influenced by dreams, ideas, fantasies and visions of the future, each Inogems piece created with an air of feminine romanticism, develops a unique appeal that brings together the elements of amazement and imagination that ventures modern women into a realm of fantasy.

With a new interpretation of modern beauty, Inogems collection evokes joy, wonder, and fascination that will leave you breathless.


The Look

The Inogems collection crafted in 18 carat white or yellow gold set with diamonds and gemstones such as amethyst, citrin and blue topaz with prongless settings. The collection gives an unparalleled radiance and overwhelmingly addresses a women desire for self-expression.

Featuring a special “checkerboard cutting” style, the central gemstone is cut into a multitude of square facets spaced regularly around the stones surface. This unique cutting technique reveals the true brilliance, elegance and colour of the jewels. The center coloured gemstone is invisibly set without any prongs with 100% visibility and seems to float above the jewelry. The unblocked brilliance gives a magnifying effect to the center-stone and exquisitely highlights the bewitching beauty of the jewel.

With endless colours and style in the collection, Inogems appeals to the fashionable woman and evokes the mood and desire to possess. Women who wear it shine through day and night.

That’s Inogems!

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