The Story

Pera d’Amore, translated as “Pear of Love”, is a captivating collection developed to resemble the exquisite Pear shaped diamond which can best describe women of the modern days. The unique silhouette of a Pear diamond has a feminine rounded side, while tapering to a striking fine point on the other, which perfectly demonstrates a woman’s independence yet desire for traditional romance.

With its origins trace back to the 14th century created by the legendary diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, the cut of Pear shaped diamond is paramount in determining the quality. An ideal Pear cut diamond requires a balanced length-to-width ratio as well as a perfect symmetry for its graceful beauty; such traits require superior skills and is often difficult to obtain from the market.

The Look

Aaron Shum Jewelry has developed a design patent that fulfills the demand for Pear cut diamond: by setting a dazzling round brilliant on top of an evolved Coronet® style solitaire, it created a fascinating impression of a magnificent pendeloque which possess perfect ratio and balance; moreover, our signature prong-less setting technique enables the maximization of light refraction.

As a successor of the award winning jewelry brand Coronet®, Pera d’Amore exhibits the spirit of continuous innovation and truly expands the realm of Affordable Luxury.


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