The Story

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who had four daughters whom they loved dearly. Of all her sisters, Princess Rose is the most beautiful and kind-hearted girl. Her incomparable beauty and personal accomplishments, joined to a sprightly disposition and irreproachable conduct, distinguished her among all the princesses of her time. Her sisters were desperately jealous of her and deliberately isolated her.

When the princesses arrived certain age, the king sent his ambassador to all the neighbouring kingdoms to seek out four handsome and valiant young noblemen to marry his daughters. Four Marquis rallied to the call and presented themselves to the king as a worthy suitor for his daughters. However, they all fell in love with Princess Rose when they first caught sight on her. Every day they sent Princess Rose beautiful flowers and sang songs to entertain her. The other three sisters were very angry and requested their father to force Princess Rose to choose one of the Marquis. The king had no inclination to force Princess Rose to marry any of them. He devised a plan to please all. He used magic to transform Princess Rose and the Marquis into a princess cut diamond set on top of four Marquis so that the four noblemen could accompany the beautiful Princess Rose forever.

Live your fairytale with your beloved through the choice of our traditionally crafted 18 karat courtly solitaire diamond of unsurpassed brilliance.


The Look

With a worldwide patented design, Princess Rose ensembles four marquis with an elevated centre princess cut diamond set without prongs to create a courtly solitaire. The conceived perfect round solitaire allows for a stunning and striking sparkle that is perfectly suited for any lady who deserves to be treated as princess.                                                                  

Each Princess Rose diamond has exact proportions, allowing the diamonds to gather more light, while the precise polish and symmetry enables them to display increased brilliance. It’s beautiful brilliance and unique cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings.

An allure of royal heritage, always beautiful!

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