The Story

The name of Flotilla is from Spanish, meaning a small fleet of ships. The Flotilla collection is composed of small sparkling diamonds like a fleet of shining stars haloed against the night sky.

The stars in the night sky have been inspiring stories, legends and myths for centuries. The starry night unlocks the creativity of artists, poets, musicians and inspires them to create their masterpiece.

Twinkling and glittering, numerous stars were shivering ancient messages across the space. The beautiful Milky Way that stretches right cross the night sky possesses unparalleled power to human imagination. A jeweler sailing across the sea beneath that stunning night witnessed the magnificence and was completely dumbfounded by the beauty and majesty of the naked night sky.

Inspiration beckons from the night sky with its sparkling stars and the halo of the moon mysteriously reflecting back into shining pools of water. At that moment, a gentle mild breeze blew against the night sky. The stars fell from the sky and turned into “diamond rain” glistening in the moonlight, waiting to be transformed into something irresistibly beautiful. The jeweler gathered this armful of dreams and brought the Flotilla collection to you.

Holding a piece of flotilla jewelry in your hands feels like you are inextricably entwined with the shining stars against a black sky that inspired it.


The Look

The Flotilla collection features a group of concave-shaped, black rhodium metal that combined gracefully with an invisible set centre diamond floating on a mysterious black backdrop. The dark luster of the black rhodium gives a unique and wonderful finish and brings more shine to the invisible set center diamond, resulting in a mysterious and stunningly feminine looking.

Vivid dreams are now shared in Flotilla with invisibly set diamonds held against a jet black sky in cups surrounded by halos that can be gathered as if holding the stars.

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