The Story

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and romance .Throughout history flowers have been used to mark our special moments and celebrations. Each flower has a distinct meaning. They send messages of faith, love, hope, celebration and happiness.

It is fortunate our planet is blessed with an abundance of beautiful floral creations. In the warmth of spring, flowers blooming and blossoming in myriad colors delight the eye. From tree blossoms, camellia, narcissus, to rose and everything in between, the earth in the spring becomes a symphony of colour overwhelming with scents and joy.

Women have always loved receiving the gift of flowers. When received, they don’t just feel vibrant and full of life; they feel beautiful and incredibly special.  However, flowers are fragile. Slowly they wither, leaving only memories behind.

To capture the eternal beauty of the flowers, our artisans use their artistic prowess, incorporating with their love and perfection to transform the short-lived bouquet into a precious piece of memento that women could cherish for a lifetime.

A delicate piece of La Posy jewelry is a gift of everlasting beauty that speaks volumes of innocent love and can be kept for a long, long time while it reminds every woman the defining moments in her life.

The power of La Posy is in its connection to happiness and everlasting youthWith an abundant mix of colours and designs, every woman could enjoy the La Posy jewelry that truly enhances her beauty and personality.


This is La Posy!


The Look

La Posy, a bouquet of flowers for today’s woman.
Treat yourself a garland of charming colours of everlasting beauty

The La Posy Collection, a kaleidoscope of joyous gemstones and jewels, to capture the everlasting beauty of flowers.  Gems playfully sit together with semiprecious stones such as turquoise, mother of pearl, agate and natural gemstones presenting in rainbow hues, and carving in a wide variety of girlish floral shapes interspersed with concave-cut, briolettes, pearls and enriched with diamonds to dazzle the eye.

Each individual masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted with an epitome of stylish elegance and is infused with emotion, flashing brilliantly from the wearer’s torso.  It reflects a distinctive quality and superb cut that Aaron Shum Jewelry has developed a collection of dedicated craftsmanship, exceptional creativity – a truly glittering and sensational collection.

The diversity of the stunning La Posy collection encompasses a range of glorious rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Be it sophisticated or cute; dramatic or romantic, the La Posy collection will enchant every woman and bring out her individuality.  Every piece is a personalized charm – that’s the La Posy style!

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