The Story

Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry was established in 2016 as a collaboration with Coronet® and was officially launched in Baselworld 2016. The sparkle between Jermaine Jackson, brother of the legendary music family Jackson 5 and the Guinness World Records Holder Aaron Shum started with the enthusiastic passion and creative imagination of a mutual friend. Jermaine Jackson performed with the Coronet Diamond Guitar together with the Jackson brothers singing some of their greatest hits at BBC Proms in London Hyde Park, the spectacular performance dazzled the 40,000 audience at the Great Britain’s largest outdoor music event.

To celebrate the remarkable 50th Anniversary of The Jacksons and in memory of his late brother Michael, Jermaine Jackson invited the Aaron Shum Jewelry to create unique and personalized rings for his family members, with design concepts by Jermaine. The creation of the rings is dedicated to the legendary family’s musical history and precious memories between the beloved siblings.

Jermaine’s first jewelry collection was inspired by the Coronet Diamond Guitar, the Guinness World Records certified “Most Valuable Guitar”; where he had the idea to transform this masterpiece and its story into jewelries for everyday-wear.

Jermaine and Alice Trinh, Product Director of Aaron Shum Jewelry, co-designed the Coronet Gemstone Bass which successfully set the Guinness World Records “Most Jewels on Guitar” in Baselworld 2016, which coincided with the launch of Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry.

The Look

Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry encompasses collections with diversified themes and creative designs, including the 18K and Sterling Silver Guitar Collection, the Arabesque Collection, the Jackson 50th Anniversary Collection, Jermaine Jackson signature collection with gemstones and diamonds, and last but not least, the “Circles of Life” collection; each piece of jewelry is crafted exquisitely with a beautiful story to tell and a careful selection of high quality material.

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