The Story

Long known as the "Queen of Gems”, pearls have a fascinating history. They have been prized and collected for more than 4000 years, giving them the title of the world’s oldest gem. As long as there are pearls, there must be a beautiful story full of symbolism and romance about pearls.

Almost all other gemstones are formed by mineral deposits that must be mined, cut and polished to enhance their natural beauty. Pearls on the other hand are naturally formed wonders of nature. Having smooth, lustrous and variously coloured deposits in the shells of marine oysters and freshwater mussels, pearls are beautiful as they are – as soon as they are extracted from their shells. No wonder pearls have been prized ever since for their beauty, perfection, and rarity.

Pearls have long been treasured and highly valued in many cultures throughout history. In ancient Asian literature, pearls are embraced by royalty and as tributes to gods. Greek mythology proclaimed pearls to be tears of joy shed by the goddess Aphrodite. Ancient Egyptians associated pearls with Isis, the goddess of healing and life.

Embracing the past in a modern sense, Aaron Shum’s brilliant designers and master jewelers blend the lustrous freshwater pearl with glittering diamonds set in 18K gold to create the classic and elegant Miky Pearl collection.

Miky Pearls - your medal of Pride

A luxurious harvest after years of superior year


The Look

By combining timeless elegance coupled with sophisticated and modern design, Aaron Shum’s Miky Pearls has optimized the inherent qualities of premium freshwater pearls, to offer a classic but contemporary jewelry collection. Lustrous freshwater pearls are paired with a tasteful sprinkling of diamond brilliants set in 18k gold to accentuate the natural beauty of every pearl.

Whether in the form of pendants, rings or earrings, every piece in the Miky Pearls collection is ideal for the elegant women to add charm and sophistication to her outfits, setting off a romantic flair with irresistible beauty.

The seducing allure of lavish, natural colour freshwater pearls offers a palette of different shades such as lavender, tangerine, mauve, aqua-silver, and peach, all of which combine to set them apart for their distinguished beauty. This extensive palette allows Miky Pearls to present fashionable designs that complement all skin tones and wardrobes.

Juxtaposed or combined, each pearl is meticulously handpicked from a wide range of luminescent freshwater pearls of various shapes, to create a masterpiece displayed with subtle elegance and harmony. 

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