The Story

The name of the brand “Icestrella” comes from the Spanish, meaning “Ice and Stars”.

Inspired by the Snow Queen story, Icestrella is created to tell the story of strength and courage of innocent children and convey the message of curiosity and joyfulness. The brand helps build a rewarding relationship with trust and connection between people.

Icestrella’s story was set on a winter’s morning, when a boy woke up and found ice crystals forming star-like shape, were floating gently from heaven to earth. His heart was conquered by the simple beauty of the enchanting snowflakes. However, this earthly beauty is transient and soon faded away. But the evanescence of this wondrous beauty remained in the boy’s memory.

When the boy grew up, he became a skilled master-craftsman. Overwhelmed by the fascinating impressions, he was determined to seek a way to enrapture that memory. After passionate research and efforts, the vision of a new jewelry brand took shape. A jewelry brand which would be as pure, clear, and breathtakingly beautiful as the icy splendour.

The idea for Icestrella was born!


The Look

Using a new revolutionary setting that allows the Diamonds to Float in an absolutely transparent material which is widely used for bullet-proof glass fabrication. This allows a dynamic interplay of light from the diamonds while permitting light flow making the jewellery a unique and perfect complement to any colour it is worn with.

Thanks to this cutting-edge technique, diamonds set in the transparent surface are virtually imperishable, which are 100% visible set without prongs, channel walls or any other covering of the diamonds. The diamonds appear to be suspended or floating in midair, which results in giving a magnifying effect of the diamonds, sparkling with infinite allure and glittering brilliantly forever…

The diversity of the striking Icestrella collection embraces a range of rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces.  The Icestrella collection presents something fun and original for those looking for unique and innovative jewellery.

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