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CORONET®sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most jewels on a guitar at BASELWORLD 2016

17 Mar 2016

The 16,033 Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Swarovski Zirconia are hand-set on the bass guitar. The extravagant art piece is co-designed by Hollywood superstar Jermaine Jackson and Alice Trinh, product director of Aaron Shum Jewelry. Jermaine Jackson officiated at the event and conducted live music performance. A new line of Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry was launched at this occasion.


Basel, 17 March 2016.


Hong Kong diamond jeweler CORONET® was proud to announce its accomplishment of its second 

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title achievement for the most jewels on a guitar. The spectacular art piece featuring 16,033 Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Swarovski Zirconia was unveiled today at BASELWORLD 2016 at the CORONET® stand in Hall 1.1.


With 150,000 trade and public visitors as well as over 4,000 media representatives from all over the world, BASELWORLD is the largest and most prestigious watch and jewelry fair in the world. It is also the most important platform to showcase innovations, creations and brand new collections, setting trends and determining what will be worn and most talked about in the coming year.


Aaron Shum, founder of CORONET® and President of Aaron Shum Jewelry, said “Last year, we transformed an imaginative idea into a magnificent, 400 carat CORONET® diamond masterpiece that earned the Guinness World Records title of the Most Valuable Guitar. We were overjoyed by the achievement. However, there is nothing to stop us reaching many more milestones. This year, we are going beyond all expectations by presenting another incredible art piece. We would like to thank Swarovski Gemstones Business, our valued partner for sponsoring over 16,000 genuine gemstones and zirconia to achieve this world record. We also appreciate the contribution of Fender and Tom Lee Music for the Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass and technical support for our live music performance. And we were extremely honored for having been able to welcome Hollywood superstar Jermaine Jackson on our stand. Jermaine brought the creative idea of making a gemstone guitar and played a key role during the design process.”


“Circles of Life” Co-designed by Jermaine Jackson and Alice Trinh

Titled “Circles of Life”, the gemstone guitar is co-designed by Jermaine Jackson and Alice Trinh, product director of Aaron Shum Jewelry. Jermaine Jackson, known as a singer, bass guitarist, composer, and a member of The Jackson 5, is keen to pass the family’s passion of music on to the next generations: “Music is our life-blood; it's in our veins, in our hearts, and our father harnessed this passion. We became a generation of siblings that were born to entertain. Like jewelry, music cannot only be legendary – it can be a legacy. We are 50 years on from starting out as the Jackson 5 – talk about the circle of life! I hope our music still shines brightly. I hope it continues to inspire the next generation of talent, within our family, within homes around the world. Music, like jewelry, unites us and has the ability to spread love and joy. Let us never forget its power.” said Jermaine.


Alice commented: “To deliver Jermaine’s message of music will last for generations, we have come up with the design concept of hand-setting the gemstones and zirconia on the spinning wheels. The wheels represent an endless cycle of life. It is a concept that life has been recurring, and will continue to recur to infinite time. The vivid appearance of colored topaz, citrine, rhodolite, and zirconia give a sense of sensuality of life. Their movements suggest energy and power.”


“When Jermaine plays the guitar, the wheels will roll smoothly and vibrate around each other. The rotating motion and the shining gems will radiate fascinating flames of beautiful colors. It is a dazzling art piece dedicated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Jacksons,” Alice added.


Each individual genuine gemstone or zirconia was carefully hand-set by Aaron Shum’s experienced team of craftsmen. They spent long hours making meticulous adjustments and alignments of stone size and colors to deliver the perfect combination of different types of genuine gemstones and zirconia. The entire process has taken months to complete. Furthermore, the team took into consideration the functionality of the guitar to ensure that the genuine gemstones and zirconia decorations will not affect the sound quality of the bass guitar and the performance of the guitarist. To prove that this sparkling gemstone guitar is indeed a functional musical instrument which deserves its title as “Most jewels on a guitar”, Jermaine delivered a heart-wrenching performance of his song “Let’s Get Serious”. Today, the team is extremely pleased with the result and delighted that its time and effort has brought a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.


The Launch of Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry

The event coincided with the launch of the Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry line. Partnered with Aaron Shum Jewelry, Jermaine presents three lines of his first ever collection of fine jewelry, including Islamic diamond jewelry line with diverse beautiful designs set in 18k gold, silver guitar jewelry line with inspirations from the extravagant design of CORONET® diamond guitar, and a Jermaine Jackson signature collection that contains exquisite pieces of jewelry, and playful dual face watches dedicated to The Jacksons 50th anniversary.


The Launch of Marquissimo and Pera d’Amore

Furthermore, Aaron Shum Jewelry presented two magnificent and trend-setting jewelry lines at the event: Marquissimo and Pera d’Amore. Marquissimo ingeniously blends two marquise diamonds together with dual beautifully matched princess-cut diamonds in Aaron Shum’s signature prongless setting, delivering a striking presentation of a grand marquise-shaped solitaire. Pera d’Amore marries the dazzling beauty of a round brilliant with the classic Coronet© style in prongless setting, created the fascinating impression of a magnificent pendeloque.

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