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22 Mar 2019




The ‘Mudan’ watch features 15858 diamonds set in 18K gold with artist Reena Ahluwalia's unmatchable diamond painting on the dial.


(Basel, Switzerland, March 22nd, 2019) – CORONET yet again exceeded expectations at the 2019 Baselworld watch and jewelry trade fair. The brand was awarded its 9th GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS with the ‘most diamonds set on a watch’. CORONET is already a proud title holder of previous 8 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for innovative diamond creations, including the most valuable Guitar featuring 1.6kg of 18K gold and 400 carats of diamonds.  


The recently GWR awarded 'Mudan' diamond watch by CORONET is an incredible art-piece featuring 15,858 diamonds. The watch is set in 18K gold with artist Reena Ahluwalia's unmatchable diamond painting on the dial. Reena Ahluwalia’s coveted diamond paintings are hyper-realistic and take hundreds of hours to paint. The watch is inspired by Peonies, as they symbolize nobility, honor and wealth. Reena's diamond painting on the dial represents the shining nobility that we carry within. Peony (Mudan 牡丹) is known as the 'King of the flowers' in the Chinese culture.


Aaron Shum, founder of Coronet® and President of Aaron Shum Jewelry Limited said, “Since 2015, CORONET is continuously surprising jewelers and fashion lovers at BaselWorld when we unveiled the dazzling Diamond Guitar. This is the ninth time that Coronet has been honored with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. We are proud to showcase our one-of-a-kind 'Mudan' watch with artist Reena Ahulwalia’s masterpiece on the watch's dial - a hyper realistic painting of a diamond. There are 15,858 diamonds set in 18K gold, and a 3D painting dial with diamonds on 3, 6, 9, 12-hour position." The 'Mudan' watch has a total of 50.01 carats of diamonds.


Reena Ahluwalia, an award-winning jewelry designer, diamond painter said, “I feel honored that my artwork has made it into the Guinness World Records. While growing up, I used to read about the Guinness World Records with pure amazement, so this feels very special to me.”


CORONET also showcased its latest jewelry collections, including an artistic and exciting new watch collection in partnership with Reena Ahluwalia, featuring Reena’s 3D diamond paintings on the watch dial.




Coronet® is a signature Swiss brand of Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. With its inspirational jewelry ideas, technical excellence and innovative craftsmanship, Coronet® diamond creations have achieved NINE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles.


With its worldwide patented design, each piece of Coronet® made from 7 high caliber diamonds set WITH NO PRONGS holding the center diamond, along with precision of cut, symmetry and polish, which attribute to the best fit proportion to conceiving a luminous solitaire diamond effect yet at exceptionally competitive value. Thus, this patented Coronet® technique stands out above any other similar products on the market. Throughout these years, Coronet® has successfully established a global reach of over 1000 point of sales.


Reena Ahluwalia is an award-winning jewelry designer, diamond painter, professor, speaker and a community builder. Recognized as one of the Top Masters of Jewelry Design and art in Canada, she has been creating jewelry with deep meaning and symbolism. She is one of handful of living jewelry artists whose work is featured on a nation's (Belgium) postage stamp. As a tribute to the British Royal Wedding, Reena created a Diamond Tiara for HRH Kate Middleton.


Coveted internationally by art collectors, Reena paints highly nuanced, hyper-realistic diamonds with ultra-magnified facets. Through her art, she celebrates human spirit and each one of us, because we all are like diamonds - brilliant, radiant, luminous, full of potential and much more. Reena's paintings are at The DIVA Diamond Museum in Antwerp and The AMAZING Museum & Gallery in Hong Kong and Dubai. Reena gives back to many organizations, including 'Jewelers For Children' (JFC) charity, to help children who are victims of catastrophic illness.


Reena is a member of the George Brown College (Toronto) Jewellery Program Advisory Committee. Each year Reena supports students by providing scholarship and mentor upcoming talent. Reena is a Fellow of (IwB) Institute without Boundaries.







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